CAL in the Courts

Client's Conviction Vacated


C.S. accepted a guilty plea in 2014 to a charge that no one—not the judge, the A.D.A. who offered her the plea bargain, or her defense attorney—realized would require her to register as a sex offender.  More than two years after her sentence was over, after she had moved on with her life, she was notified of this consequence by the state of New York.  CAL filed a motion to withdraw her guilty plea, arguing that if C.S. had been told about this significant consequence at the time she pled guilty, she would never have accepted the plea offer.  Agreeing that sex offender registration was not the intended result of their plea bargain, the prosecution consented to vacate her conviction and allowed C.S. to plead guilty to an alternative charge that would not brand her as a sex offender. Our client was represented by Molly Schindler.