People v. James Brown

Decided On : 12/20/2016
AD1 order dated March 17, 2015, affirming judgment of conviction.  Decision below: 126 AD3d 516, 7 NYS3d 19.  Stein, J., granted leave June 17, 2015.
ISSUE PRESENTED: CPL 30.30 & People v. Sibblies, 22 NY3d 1174 (2014); how to analyze the People’s subsequent statement of unreadiness following an off-calendar certificate of readiness.  The Sibblies Court was split 3-3 in two plurality opinions.  (Leave was also granted in People v. Terrence Young, 2015 WL 824564, with a similar issue.)  (Assigned counsel: Danielle Muscatello, c/o Robert Didio & Associates, 80-02 Kew Gardens Road, Suite 307, Kew Gardens, NY 11415.)

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