About CAL

The Center for Appellate Litigation is a New York not-for-profit law firm located in lower Manhattan, handling appeals and post-conviction proceedings on behalf of criminal defendants in cases assigned to us by the Appellate Division, First Department and Appellate Term, First Department. We are highly experienced lawyers who share a commitment to high quality defense.

Our clients are among society’s most disenfranchised: sentenced and often incarcerated prisoners without the means to challenge the system that has taken away their freedom. Isolated by prison terms that often span decades or even lifetimes, they are also among those most urgently needing a share in that bedrock but elusive American franchise – equal justice under the law. By challenging the procedures and outcomes of the system that may have unjustly convicted them, CAL strives to earn each client a respected place and respectful hearing in the quest for equal justice. CAL's commitment to eloquent and persuasive written and oral advocacy is equaled only by its commitment to developing dynamic and effective approaches to achieving justice, which may transcend the cold record that ordinarily binds appellate lawyers. Our goal is to best serve each client's needs and to do so with ever more humanity.