Our Mission

CAL’s existence is borne of the need for a nimble, smart and integrated approach to appellate law that pushes the limits of what it means to help a client. It begins, as it must, with a commitment to legal excellence. Without it, nothing else is possible. But CAL’s purpose pushes far beyond simply addressing fairness within the letter of the law. It encompasses an unwavering commitment to help every individual client, in as many ways as possible. CAL’s clients are among society’s most disenfranchised. Freedom lost and voices extinguished, many suffer both systemic and individual injustices routinely. Within our society, compassion for the sentenced prisoner is hard to come by, setting the stage for one of humanity’s true tests: to care, to advocate, to help – no matter the crime – because that is the ideal that a civil society committed to justice must strive to achieve. The ideal and the reality are still a good distance apart. CAL is a force working to close this gap.