Our Work

Clients come to us often frustrated by the difficult journey that ended with their conviction.  We are sensitive to the serious consequences a criminal conviction — whether misdemeanor or felony — can have on our clients and their families. Our attorneys — who rank among the most experienced and successful in the field — aggressively explore constitutional, evidentiary, and sentencing issues to raise on appeal, and our appellate skills have earned significant victories for our clients. But CAL's client-centered approach takes our advocacy beyond the cold record.

As we pursue the vitally important matter of the appeal, our Justice First project may be exhaustively re-investigating the circumstances that led to a client’s conviction, our SORA and Plea projects may be challenging harsh post-incarceration penalties and punishments, our DLRA project may be seeking to ameliorate a Rockefeller Drug Law sentence, our Padilla Project may be filing a motion to prevent an immigrant client’s removal from the United States, our Parole Advocacy project may be advocating for a client’s early release, our Conditions of Confinement project may be pressing for a client's transfer, our Re-entry Program may be facilitating a newly released client's access to social services, and our Books Beyond Bars project may help provide a client with a small measure of relief from the isolation and dehumanization attendant to an extended prison sentence.

Our core mission is, and has always been, to identify the errors that contributed to our clients’ convictions and to employ the highest standards for written and oral advocacy in arguing for relief on appeal. But in our clients’ complex lives, we also see opportunities for service beyond the crucial matter of the appeal. We challenge ourselves every day to find innovative ways to apply our high standards of zealous representation, both in and out of the courtroom.