CAL’s core mission is appellate advocacy. Our appellate practice is dynamic and varied. We search for fresh approaches to even the most seemingly settled issues.

Our attorneys regularly appear in the Appellate Division, First Department and Appellate Term, First Department, and since our doors opened in 1997, we have been frequent advocates in the New York Court of Appeals, arguing significant cases that have benefitted our clients and transformed the law for those charged with crimes across the State.

Over The Years

We’ve continued to find new ways to use our talents to assist our clients through the appeals process. In addition to appealing from felony convictions in Supreme Court, our expanded practice includes misdemeanor and violation appeals arising out of criminal court convictions. Our Appellate Term project closely examines such convictions for the frequent errors that occur amidst the constant thrum of cirminal court, and attempts to mitigate the very real effects of such convictions.

While the mainstay of our practice is New York State criminal law, our Federal Litigation Advisory Group (FLAG) monitors developments in federal law and practice and provides invaluable assistance in instances where our attorneys seek further relief through federal habeas corpus.

Law School Parnerships

We've partnered with law schools. At Columbia, Cornell & other New York law schools, CAL offers experiential externships and clinics, mentoring aspiring appellate lawyers, working closely with them through the briefing and argument process, and sharing our vision of client-centered postconviction representation.