Federal Litigation Advisory Group

Although CAL’s legal advocacy for its clients often ends at the Court of Appeals, it is essential that we devote meaningful attention to criminal federal court proceedings.

CAL has always advocated for select clients whose cases we determine are ripe for federal challenge, and it will continue to do so.


CAL’s Federal Litigation Advisory Group will also:

  • Update and maintain the CAL federal habeas manual.
  • Track important developments in federal courts with an eye to impact on New York State law.
  • Provide guidance and continuing legal education to CAL staff attorneys on how to spot colorable federal issues, preserve federal issues, and advise clients about federal issues.
  • Review cases submitted to FLAG by CAL staff attorneys and provide recommendations on the viability of pursuing federal relief, potential strategies, etc.
  • Litigate select cases in federal court if the assigned attorney so requests.
  • Develop partnerships with other organizations to improve CAL’s representation of clients in federal court, including pro bono or other support for our work.

By formally demarcating the scope of CAL’s involvement in federal courts, and by establishing clear guidelines on what federal claims the office will pursue, FLAG will help CAL attorneys better communicate with clients about our office’s availability to assist them with their case once state proceedings conclude.

Alexandra Mitter, Allison Kahl, Nicole Geoglis, Alma Gonzalez, Matthew Bova, Ben Wiener, & Ben Schatz coordinate FLAG. 

Other Special Projects