On May 3, CAL’s YEARS project secured release of Sheldon J and Jerry R, who’d been sentenced to decades-long sentences as young men.

Read more about Sheldon & Jerry's release here.

CAL in The courts

A look at our clients and their successes

AD1 reverses second-degree conspiracy conviction for refusal to instruct the jury on the legal standard for proof in a case resting on circumstantial evidence.

AD1 reduces client's excessive sentence

AD1 reduced MH’s sentence for second-degree robbery from 10 to eight years’ incarceration, agreeing with CAL’s argument that the sentence was excessive. Shaina Watrous represented MH on appeal.

AD1 reduces CAL client's persistent violent felony offender sentence to the minimum

Accepting CAL's arguments that only the minimum sentence was warranted for HK's participation in a second-degree robbery, AD1 reduced his sentence from 20 years' to life to 16. Abigail Everett represented HK.