Watch & listen to CAL client Sheldon Johnson's remarkable story of resilience and his experience with CAL's YEARS project here,

in excerpts from his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, Episode 2046.


Governor Hochul commutes the sentences of three CAL clients & pardons another.

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CAL in The courts

A look at our clients and their successes

AD1 reduces CAL client's risk-level assessment.

AD1 strikes SORA points assessment because it violated client's Fifth Amendment rights.

AD1 reverses CAL client's weapon-possession conviction and dismisses indictment, finding his possession temporary and innocent.

AD1 finds CAL client innocently possessed a weapon

Supreme Court halves CAL client's 16-year-to-life sentence and eliminates lifetime parole

Supreme Court halves CAL client’s 16-year-to-life sentence and eliminates lifetime parole.