Re-entry Program

The Re-entry Program works to ensure our clients’ basic needs are met during the critical period immediately following their release. 

Since its inception in 2007, social work staff and lawyers have assisted clients in accessing housing, employment, vocational training, mental and physical health care, substance abuse treatment, Certificates of Relief from Civil Disabilities, public benefits and social security, and valid identification.

Program services include

Counseling and case management to help clients identify and address needs. We also provide appropriate referrals to mental health services, drug and alcohol treatment, vocational and educational services, housing, and employment readiness programs.

Susannah Karlin

A social worker with extensive re-entry experience, joined the team in 2009, greatly increasing the Program's capacity to serve clients.

For information on the types of services the Re-entry Program provides, please see our reentry brochure.


In 2009, aware that family support is critical to our clients’ reentry efforts, CAL launched the Family Initiative. With generous grants from Columbia Law School’s Public Interest Law Foundation and the New York Bar Foundation.

The Family Initiative seeks to help clients’ families prepare to welcome our clients home by providing them with resources to address specific concerns like accessing counseling services and support networks. For a guide to family-specific resources in each borough, please see our Family Initiatives Resource Guide.