Immigrant Justice Practice

Our Immigrant Justice Practice (IJP) zealously pursues post-conviction relief for noncitizen clients to advance their rights and protect them from the threat of immigration incarceration and deportation as a result of their criminal conviction. 

Federal immigration laws are severe, and they impose incarceration and deportation-often mandatory-even for low-level offenses and even for long-time lawful permanent residents of the United States.  Such immigration impacts are often much more devastating to our clients and their families than the criminal case itself.

IJP analyzes the cases of all our noncitizen clients to determine the immigration consequences of their criminal conviction, and pursues the full range of post-conviction legal remedies available to them—whether on direct appeal of the criminal conviction or by bringing state law collateral proceedings—to protect our clients from those consequences wherever possible.  We secure vacatur of convictions based on grounds of legal defect in the underlying conviction, reduced sentences where they make an immigration difference, and other immigrant-safe results for our clients. 

With record deportations in recent years and a growing climate of heightened immigration enforcement, IJP’s work has become ever more critical in protecting immigrant rights, obtaining remedies against deportation, and preserving immigrant pathways to obtain or maintain lawful immigration status in the United States. 

Ours is one of the largest post-conviction relief projects of its kind in the country. Some of our recent achievements:

Other Special Projects