Issues to Develop at Trial

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CAL regularly shares its collective wisdom, practice pointers, and strategies for cutting-edge developments in New York’s criminal law in the form of its Issues to Develop at Trial.

March 2023 -DNA & the Confrontation Clause, and Justification & Jury Notes

December 2023 - Bruen Series - Part III

September 2023 - The Impact of Youth on Mens Rea

June 2023 - Post-conviction Fifth Amendment Protections

April 2023 - Bruen Series - Justification & Weapon Possession

January 2023 - Racial Justice Series - Seizure

September 2022 - Bruen Update

July 2022 - Bruen Series

June 2022High-Crime-Neighborhood Challenges

March 2022 -  Implicit Bias

January 2022 - Pandemic Challenges

November 2021 - Preserving a Second Amendment Challenge to New York's Gun Laws

September 2021 - Challenging the Trial Penalty

July 2021 - Challenging Pre-Textual Traffic Stops

June 2021 - Challenging the Use of Rap Music As Evidence

April 2021 -Preserving Batons Challenges for Appeal

March 2021 - Addressing Implicit Bias During Voir Dire

January 2021 - Preserving Unlawful Seizure Argument Where Client Submits to an Officer's Command to Stop

September 2020 - Preserving Confrontation Violation Where Pathologist Who Produced the Autopsy Report Is Not Called to Testify

July 2020 - Challenging Cop Credibility at Preliminary Hearings and Related Strategic Considerations

March 2020 - Probable Cause and Particualrity Challenges to Search Warrants of Cell Phones and Social Media/Computer Files 

January 2020 - CPL 245.70 Expedited Review – FAQS and Mechanics

December 2019 - Pressing for a Right of Rebuttal in Summation

September 2019 -  Moving to Dismiss the [Accusatory Instrument] on the Ground That, On Its Face and As Applied, Correction Law 168-f(4) is Unconstitutionally Vague and Violates Equal Protection

August 2019 - Out-Of-State Predicate Cheat Sheet

July 2019 - Abolishing the Excited Utterance Exception to the Rule Against Hearsay

April 2019 - Challenging the Standard CJI Interested Witness Charge

March 2019 – Challenging the Court's Reliance on "Corroboration" to Deny Defense Expert Testimony

January 2019 – DNA, Breathalyzer, and Cell Site Location Issues

November 2018 – Influential People v. Suazo Decision and Potential Equal Protection Claims

September 2018 – Judge Fiore’s New Brady Order and Some Practice Takeaways

July 2018 – Asserting Your Right to Summation in Local Criminal Court

May 2018 – Protecting Clients in a Post-Padilla “ICE”Age

April 2018 – The New Photo ID Law and DCJS Protocols

February-March 2018 – What Are Your Ethical Obligations when Post-Conviction Counsel Calls about a Possible IAC Claim?

January 2018 – Charge Requests Following People v. Boone

December 2017 – A 1st Amendment Challenge to Unlicensed General Vending in NYC

November 2017 – A Constitutional Challenge to Second-Degree Aggravated Harassment

October 2017 – Sentencing Part 2 (mandatory surcharge deferrals and SHOCK incarceration)

September 2017 – Sentencing Part 1 (undischarged parole time and “Violent Predicate Override”)

July-August 2017 – Objecting to Expert Testimony Purporting to Decode Slang

June 2017 – Moving to Suppress Cell Site Location Information

May 2017 – Using and Defending against PowerPoint Presentations

April 2017 – Using Constitutional Speedy Trial to Help Your Case

March 2017 – Crafting Certain Predicate Challenges at Sentencing

February 2017 – Special SAP Edition for Summons Court Practitioners-Debunking Myths

January 2017 – Batson Challenges Based on “Color” and the 3-Step Protocol in General

December 2016 – How to Create a Good Record for Appeal at Sentencing

November 2016 – Peoplev. Allard and Your Right to a Hearing on Your 30.30 Motion

September 2016 – Challenging First-Time in-Court Identifications

August 2016 – Using the Second Amendment in Your Weapon Cases

July 2016 – Using Prior Bad Acts Against Victims and Non-Defendant Witnesses

June 2016 – Objecting to DNA Evidence after John

May 2016 – Challenging Rikers Tapes after Johnson

April 2016 – Flaws in Selected CJI Instructions