Parole Advocacy

The Parole Advocacy project brings clients and attorneys together to compile a comprehensive submission to the Parole Board in cases in which the Board has discretion to grant parole release.

Lawyers prepare and submit parole advocacy letters, which present a rounded picture of our clients to the Board. Advocates also help clients prepare for appearances before the Board.

All clients serving indeterminate sentences with upcoming discretionary parole appearances are eligible to participate in the Parole Advocacy Project. The process begins up to six months before the scheduled hearing.

More Information

  • For information on what the parole process looks like, visit below.
  • For tips on how to prepare for a parole appearance, see Preparing for Your Parole Board Appearance, by the Coalition for Parole Restoration.

Please note that CAL has not prepared these resources; rather, they are tools that other organizations have developed that our clients have found useful in the past.