Impact Litigation Project

The Impact Litigation Project develops and implements impact-litigation strategies for changing the law by fighting for legal rulings in criminal and civil cases that bolster liberty . 

The Project’s goal is to develop legal theories with an eye towards obtaining a favorable decision from the New York appellate courts, federal habeas courts, or the U.S. Supreme Court. 

To facilitate the broad implementation of these strategies, the Impact Lit project peridodically prepares and distributes memos targeting issues ripe for challenge. Our memos and updates are available below.

Impact Lit Series, Volume 1

October ’22

Attacking New York's Meaningful Representation Standard

Impact Lit Series, Volume 2

Jan. ’23

Garrett Is Unconstitutional 

Bi-Annual SCOTUS Update

February '24

Impact Lit Series, Volume 3

May ’23

Counsel Waivers and Sentencing Exposure

IJP co-directors Robin Nichinsky and Marianne C. Yang coordinate the full range of CAL’s representation of noncitizen clients together with CAL’s Assistant Attorney-in-Charge Mark Zeno.  Robin is a veteran appellate criminal defense lawyer with specialized knowledge in post-conviction relief practice for immigrants, having spearheaded CAL’s work in this area with Mark more than a decade ago.  Marianne has more than fifteen years of experience in the field of immigrant rights, with specialized knowledge in the defense of immigrants who have been accused of crimes.   

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