Far too often, individuals with criminal records have trouble gaining traction in the labor market.  Regardless of the skills possessed, convincing resistant employers to take a chance on them frequently proves to be an uphill and frustrating battle.

Enter our first-of-its-kind “Better Days” program. Through the program, we hire one client or former client annually, for a one year position, to help with administrative aspect of our practice. Over the course of their time on staff, our Better Days fellow works closely with our social worker to develop a pathway to long-term success and security. Meant to be a stepping stone into permanent employment, the Better Days program reflects our deep-seeded commitment to our clients beyond the limitations of the appellate process.

From law offices to the medical field, our Better Days alumni have gone on to begin rewarding careers in a variety of settings. These alumni  are exemplars of the power of second chances, and we are both incredibly fortunate and honored to be able to offer them.