Court of Appeals Newsletter

As a premier appellate office, CAL values the opportunity to develop and litigate criminal justice issues of statewide importance and to share that knowledge with the larger defender community

For more than two decades, CAL has prepared and distributed a bi-monthly newsletter to staff identifying all significant criminal appeals pending before the New York Court of Appeals. The newsletter has been and remains crucial to our staff because it identifies all significant issues pending before the Court, alerting our attorneys to important issues in play in New York. Nothing is more important to a New York State appellate defender than an awareness of developments in the Court.

Recognizing that the newsletter would provide the same benefits to appellate defenders, CAL distributes the newsletter to New York’s Chief Defenders and has made the newsletter available here on our website.

Although every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the summaries, no express or implied guarantees are made.

  • January 2023 Court of Appeals Update