Fall 2024 Law-Student interns/externs


About Us

The Center for Appellate Litigation (CAL) is a leading appellate public defense organization dedicated to providing high-quality post-conviction representation to low-income New Yorkers. We are committed to ensuring that every individual has access to fair and just legal representation in the appellate courts and in a full panoply of post-conviction litigation. Our team of dedicated attorneys, paralegals, social workers and staff work tirelessly to advocate for our clients’ rights and uphold the principles of justice.


CAL is seeking to hire current law students available to volunteer at least 10 hours a week for the fall 2024 term. Fall externs will start on or around September 2, 2024, and end on or around December 5, 2024. CAL’s legal externship provides opportunities for law students to learn more about appellate criminal defense in New York while honing their legal research and writing skills. Our office is dedicated to advancing our clients’ rights using a client-centered model. Our program ensures that students receive substantive work experience and close supervision. Any applicant interested in externing throughout the academic year is welcome to apply and should indicate interest in a year-long position in their cover letter.

The position is an unpaid educational opportunity.


  • Reviewing clients’ trial records and identifying possible legal issues for appeal
  • Drafting memoranda and legal arguments on behalf of clients seeking appellate relief
  • Researching legal issues in appellate criminal defense
  • Assisting attorneys in preparing for hearings
  • Researching the immigration consequences of clients’ convictions

Location & Remote Options

This position is remote-optional. Students will likely benefit from coming into the office to meet with clients, attend hearings and oral arguments, and participate in office meetings. That said, we have had fully remote externs who successfully completed the program in the past.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should email a cover letter and resume in a single PDF to: price-johnson@cfal.org . The DEADLINE TO APPLY is June 7. Applications are considered on a rolling basis.